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We teach and you will learn, the brands and sizes of balloons, how to inflate along with the different brands of equipment to use, then we start slow… learn how to make sell able pieces such as topiaries, columns, arches, centerpieces, backdrop walls, tunnels, balloon drops, balloon sculptures such as the Cinderella carriage, dance floors and more. We even teach and keep you up on new trends such as organic swags, arches and other breathtaking pieces ! Then we go into framework, building base plates, arch frames, the behind the scenes of balloon professionals. Marketing, pricing, profits and sales are covered, we provide you with the sources of supplies and software programs to operate your new business. Finally we teach you how to make money, full time, part time any way you wish to create additional income. This is great for Churches, High School Proms and Corporate events too ! Come join us on our journey that you will learn a new life skill you will have forever !

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