NEW! 2024 Balloon Class February 4-7th Hilton Garden Inn Pigeon Forge Tennessee

It sounds like the special 4-day class organized by Ben and Billy at the Hilton Garden Inn in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, from February 4th to the 7th, will be a comprehensive learning experience. The fact that it caters to both beginners and advanced students indicates that the content will likely cover a broad range of topics to accommodate various skill levels.

The focus on offering new material in marketing, design, and techniques suggests that the class aims to provide up-to-date and valuable insights in these areas. It could be a fantastic opportunity for individuals interested in balloons, whether they are just starting out or looking to enhance their existing skills. Don't miss the opportunity to get Certified in Balloon Training Institute® Certified Balloon Professional Program!

If you're considering attending, you may want to check for registration details, any specific requirements, and the detailed agenda for each day to ensure that the class aligns with your interests and skill level. Enjoy the Balloon Institute® class! Call 865-801-4295 to enroll 

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