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Certified Balloon Professional

This is a Certification Program sponsored by the Balloon Training Institute. Institute of Classic Balloon Decor.

Students will follow a 3-4 months program where they will learn:

  • Designing personalized table centerpieces 
  • Learning how to replicate balloon bouquets 
  • Mastering the art of crafting twisted balloon flowers 
  • Creating stunning 5-balloon cluster garlands 
  • Practicing Sales techniques through mock sales calls or delivery presentations
  • Introduction to Marketing Strategies used by our past students that are proven to work to grow successful Balloon Decorating Business. 

Students are required to pass a final exam where they submit pictures and videos of them doing balloon work, as proof of their proficiency level acquired during the course. If the student doesn't pass on the first test, he/she will have one more test instance to demonstrate their level. 

We're an independent association conformed by past CBPs that offer lifetime support to new batch members, we won't require you to use a certain brand of balloon for your future work.

Certified Balloon Professional® Package of $300 includes:

  • All online training classes to learn the curriculum.
  • Personalized support.
  • Monthly Strategy Sessions with other CBPs about how to grow your Balloon Business.
  • Two Final Exam instances
  • Access to other CBPs